• Simple Weeknight Beef Tacos
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    Simple Weeknight Beef Tacos

    These Simple Weeknight Beef Tacos are one of my favorite things to fix on those nights when you are short on time or too tired to cook. They are so quick and simple to make. I like to buy ground beef when it’s on sale and cook up a big batch of taco meat. Then I portion it out and freeze it for those nights when you just don’t have the time or energy to spend in the kitchen.  Then you can just grab a package from the freezer, transfer it to a baking dish, cover with foil and pop it in the oven to reheat. While it’s heating up,…

  • Italian Almond Cake Plated
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    Italian Almond Cake

    This Italian Almond Cake is one of those desserts that you just can’t help going back for more. It’s buttery and dense but moist and tender at the same time. Imagine, if you will, that Almond Shortbread and Almond Pound Cake got together and had a baby. The result would be this buttery, almondy, pound cake like, Italian Almond Cake. It’s absolutely decadent but surprisingly light at the same time. And definitely one of my all time favorites! The first time I tried Italian Almond Cake I was at a little coffee shop in the Salishan Marketplace in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. It was so good, I had to find a…

  • Mom's Cornbread
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    Mom’s Cornbread

    Mom’s Cornbread, nothing warms the soul like a big pot of homemade soup or chili and a hot skillet of cornbread straight from the oven. I have tried many a cornbread in my lifetime, and all of them were good, but there is just nothing as good as mom’s cornbread. I’m not sure what she does to it but you can just taste the love. And it’s always best when it’s fresh out of the oven, slathered with a pat of butter. I like to crumble some into my chili as well. Yum! Here’s Mom’s Cornbread recipe. I’m not sure where it came from originally but it is my favorite.…

  • Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
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    Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad

    Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad is is so simple and so good. With it’s soft pasta curls, crunchy celery, sweet carrot shreds, and scallions all dressed in a creamy mayonnaise, what’s not to love?! One of my favorite things on a hawaiian BBQ plate is that yummy Mac Salad!  A perfect pairing for any kind of BBQ, Hawaiian or any other style. Especially good with spicy foods (spice rubbed meats, hot wings, spicy shrimp) as the creamy mayonnaise base helps cut the heat. Tips for making the perfect macaroni salad: Make some you cook you pasta in plenty of water, pasta soaks that water up so make sure you have plenty…

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    Mango Salsa

    Mango Salsa: Sweet ripe mangos, red onion, fresh chopped cilantro, jalapeno and lime juice are the perfect compliment to grilled meats, tacos or just for dipping chips. It’s Mango season! That means Mango’s are on sale everywhere. And I recently purchased these juicy, lip smacking beauties for 69 cents each! Score! Making this yummy Mango Salsa a super budget friendly treat. I just love the taste of sweet, ripe mangos. They can be used in so many different ways. They’re great for both sweet and savory dishes and they’re super healthy. This superfruit contains more than 20 different vitamins and minerals. Just one cup of mango contains 100% of you…

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    Fresh Pineapple Slaw

    This Fresh Pineapple Slaw is a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional mayonnaise based Cole Slaw. It’s a light salad that is packed full of flavor and the perfect compliment to all of your grilled meats, fish or seafood. Can you believe that it’s already June? Summer is right around the corner. My favorite time of year! I love being outdoors with the sun shining! Time for beach trips, BBQ’s and picnics. Pack up some of this colorful salad and take it along with you on you next picnic or outdoor adventure. It’s light, fresh and will travel well. For easy transport, place the salad ingredients in a ziploc…

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    Seriously Good Pot Roast

    Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you had a great week. Are you looking for something simple and healthy to make for your Sunday dinner? Something that is comforting but doesn’t require all day in the kitchen? This Seriously Good Pot Roast is the answer! Tender roast beef, carrots, onions and mushrooms are slow simmered in broth, red wine and savory seasonings. Making it the perfect “one pot meal” for a laid back Sunday afternoon. And best of all, there are usually leftovers! Making Monday dinner a breeze. I like to use the leftover meat for tacos or enchiladas. Or just create a stew or pot pie.  Tips for Making Pot…

  • Blackberry lime bourbon splash, featured image
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    Blackberry Lime Bourbon Splash

    Looking for the perfect drink for your next party or BBQ? Or just a sunny afternoon of front porch sittin’? Then, check this out! I call it a Blackberry Lime Bourbon Splash. And it is soooooo good! Blackberry Lime Bourbon Splash is the perfect summer sipper. A refreshing combination of Bourbon, blackberry, lime and mint with a splash of soda served over a mound of crushed ice. This drink started out as a new twist on a Mint Julep and morphed into this little jewel. Pretty enough for your next gathering and lip smacking good! Not a fan of Bourbon? Swap it out with some Rum and it becomes, sort…

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    Mocha Toffee Fudge

    This Mocha Toffee Fudge is so rich, creamy, chocolatey and decadent! Making it the perfect sweet treat for Mom this Mother’s Day. Pair it up with a bold rich red wine such as a Malbec or Merlot and she’ll be over the moon! Best Mother’s Day gift ever! What Mom wouldn’t love some wine and chocolate? Mom not a red drinker? Then a nice bottle of bubbly will do, as well. But something so decadent must be difficult to make, you say? Not at all. This recipe is so so simple and easy. You can whip it up in about fifteen minutes. With a added time for cooling, of course.…

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    Moroccan Spiced Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs

    Happy Spring everyone! Ahhhh, It’s so nice to see the sun shining again. And with this warmer weather, I can finally get out and do some grilling! These Moroccan Spiced Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs are the perfect choice for a sunny afternoon BBQ. Not only are they simple to make, but they are totally delicious too! I started with tender bites of chicken that are marinated in a blend of sweet pineapple juice and aromatic spices with a touch of heat. Then placed on skewers with fresh pineapple, onions and peppers and grilled to perfection. Resulting in a wonderful, sweet/savory, delicious bite that just tastes like spring. When making the…