Cork Bulletin Board Kit #3367

But what should you do with your special collection of corks? Keep them in a box or a d... [More]

Price: $30.00
Stonewall Kitchen 13 oz. Red Pepper Jelly

Red Pepper Jelly from Stonewall Kitchen is the perfect blend of bright, flavorful, swee... [More]

Price: $8.99
Candelabra Wine Bottle Votive #4709

Each candelabra displays 4 votive candles in a clear glass holder, just the right amoun... [More]

Price: $40.00
Godiva Dark Chocolate Almonds

This treat bag of dark chocolate-coated almonds from Godiva is sure to satisfy any choc... [More]

Price: $4.99
C.R. Gibson Leatherette Recipe Binder in B...

A leatherette recipe organizer with gold foil stamp and handmade metal corner detail fr... [More]

Price: $33.99
Northern Lights Candles Esque Candle Globe

Enjoy the beautiful light from the aurora with the Northern Lights Candles Esque Candle... [More]

Price: $27.99
Petrified Wood Platter #25692

This bohemian platter of mineralized wood brings natural beauty to your table. Feature... [More]

Price: $120.00
Marble Cheese Knife and Plane #15225

Whether it's casual or formal, the large marble serving knives offer a unique way to di... [More]

Price: $45.00
Mini Marble Cheese Boards Set of 2 #25691

Crafted from pristine white marble, these miniature cutting boards will display individ... [More]

Price: $30.00
Herbs and Spices: A Cook's Reference

A connoisseur's guide to discovering the flavors of modern multicultural cuisines. [More]

Price: $30.00
Digital Thermometer

Every pitmaster will tell you that the trick to good ‘cue is to leave the lid... [More]

Price: $29.95
Cole & Mason Granite Mortar & Pestle

This solid, black granite mortar has a smooth, gently curved exterior that conforms com... [More]

Price: $40.00
Southern Living - Ultimate Book of BBQ wit...

The Ultimate Book of BBQ builds on the expertise of Southern Living magazine to create ... [More]

Price: $24.95
Preserved Lemons -Jar -7 oz

This traditional Moroccan condiment, also known as leems or country lemon, is essential... [More]

Price: $9.25
Best of BBQ

Fire up the grill and kick up the flavor with our Best of BBQ Gift Sets. These blends a... [More]

Price: $37.95
Calabrian Hot Pepper Paste - 6.7oz

This distinctive condiment comes from the Calabria region of Italy, known for their hot... [More]

Price: $11.15
Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce

Savory Spice Shop is proud to offer locally made hot sauces in some of our favorite fla... [More]

Price: $7.00
Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

The Carolina Reaper chile measures over 1.5 million on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale and... [More]

Price: $22.40
Cajun Cayenne Hot Sauce

Savory Spice Shop is proud to offer locally made hot sauces in some of our favorite fla... [More]

Price: $7.00
Gochujang - Korean Chili Sauce - 7.5 oz.

Gochujang has been a Korean staple since the late 18th century. This Korean Chili Sauce... [More]

Price: $6.95
Spice to Plate Cookbook -Book Only (Cleara...

Savory Spice Shop's inaugural cookbook, Spice to Plate, features 30 recipes usi... [More]

Price: $24.95
A Busy Cook's Guide to Spices

Denver local Linda Murdock shares numerous ideas on how to enhance the 10-20 standard m... [More]

Price: $22.90
Salt Block Cooking Book

Best-selling author and salt expert Mark Bitterman provides 70 recipes for grilling, ch... [More]

Price: $25.00
Himalayan Salt Plate & Holder - 8x12

This unique cookware is a creative and tasty way to use Himalayan Salt in your kitchen.... [More]

Price: $44.95
Spiced Honey Ham Rub -1/2 Cup Jar

This spiced sugar and honey rub is perfect for the festive fall season. The glorious ar... [More]

Price: $7.00
Spice Grinder Black

At Savory Spice Shop, we think Kuhn Rikon grinders are some of the best spice grinders ... [More]

Price: $31.50
Mulling Spices -1 1/2 Cup Jar

When the temperature drops, this concoction is a must. This is just the thing to warm y... [More]

Price: $13.80

Microplanes are handy little tools to have in the kitchen. Use them to grate fresh nutm... [More]

Price: $14.50
Grenada Nutmeg -10 Nutmegs

Nutmeg, native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia commonly referred to as the Spice Isla... [More]

Price: $4.60
Muslin Bags - 10

These handy little bags are used to infuse flavor into soups, stews, sauces, stocks and... [More]

Price: $5.30
Natural Vanilla Extract -4 floz Bottle

It is our intention to always offer high-quality, pure vanilla extracts. However, rapid... [More]

Price: $10.95
The New Sugar & Spice: A Recipe for Bolder...

Use spices to elevate your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar &... [More]

Price: $27.50
Better Baking

Our Better Baking Gift Set contains eight of our most popular baking essentials.&nb... [More]

Price: $41.95
Whiskey Barrel Smoked Black Pepper -1/2 Cu...

These cracked peppercorns are slow smoked in-house at our warehouse in Denver, Colorado... [More]

Price: $8.20
Makrut Lime Sea Salt -1 1/2 Cup Jar

Most countries have dishes in which lime is an essential ingredient. Makrut lime leaves... [More]

Price: $22.10
Cole & Mason - Forest Capstan Pepper Mill

This pepper mill features a classic design and chestnut stain. The top button has a whi... [More]

Price: $18.00
Sel Marin de Guerande Grey Sea Salt -1 1/...

The French are the first known to harvest sea salt; records age back to the 7th century... [More]

Price: $12.10
Salt Cellar, Bamboo, Triple

This cylindrical, triple stacked container is useful for storing not only salts but spi... [More]

Price: $22.40
Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt -1oz Bag

This aromatic salt is a perfect mixture of pure fine sea salt and highly prized black t... [More]

Price: $11.65
Healing Spices

Healing Spices lays out how to use 50 everyday and exotic spices to boost health and be... [More]

Price: $24.95
Lavender Extract Natural -4.5 floz Bottle

Our natural lavender extract has the expected flavor and aroma of a field of lavender. [More]

Price: $11.75
Frankincense & Myrrh Sachets

Frankincense & Myrrh Sachets are only available November - December Frankincens... [More]

Price: $6.65
Peppermint Essential Oil Pure -1floz Bottle

Our peppermint oil is distilled from mint farms in Idaho. Early settlers brought mint w... [More]

Price: $7.85
Lavender -1 1/2 Cup Jar

Native to the Mediterranean, lavender is mainly cultivated in France and England but gr... [More]

Price: $9.95
Mayan Sea Salt -1 1/2 Cup Jar

Mayan salt has a clean appearance and flavor, but also an interesting tie to the ancien... [More]

Price: $12.60
Coarse Pink Himalayan Sea Salt -1 1/2 Cup...

This pink salt is believed to be quite possibly the most ancient of all sea salts. Drie... [More]

Price: $16.30
Chai Spices -1/2 Cup Jar

The origin of chai is credited to countries in the Himalayan region; India, Nepal, Paki... [More]

Price: $6.75
Tea Infuser, Mesh Ball 2"

Made from a fine, stainless steel mesh these infusers are idea for all loose teas. Easy... [More]

Price: $4.95
Water Rose -9 floz Bottle

Rose water, a product of Lebanon, is the result of steaming rose petals to extract thei... [More]

Price: $5.60
Madagascar Vanilla Beans -3 Vanilla Beans

The flavor of Madagascar “Bourbon” vanilla can be described as rich... [More]

Price: $15.95
White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint Su...

In partnership with the Women’s Bean Project and available for a limited time... [More]

Price: $6.50
Za'atar Seasoning -1 1/2 Cup Jar

Like curries, there are hundreds of variations of Za’atar. To handcraft our Z... [More]

Price: $13.95
Vindaloo -1/2 Cup Jar

For many centuries the Portuguese ruled small pockets of India. The Portuguese were the... [More]

Price: $6.25
Herbs Duxelles -1oz Bag

Duxelle is a classic French combination of a chopped mushroom medley and shallots saut&... [More]

Price: $6.65
Tandoori Seasoning -1/2 Cup Jar

We skillfully handcraft this curry style blend from cumin, coriander, smoked sweet papr... [More]

Price: $7.60
Ras el Hanout -1oz Bag

Moroccan style curry is referred to as Ras el Hanout and like other curries it can be m... [More]

Price: $6.25
Piri-Piri Seasoning -1oz Bag

Piri-Piri (a Swahili word that means “pepper-pepper”) chiles are ve... [More]

Price: $6.30
Cambodian Lemongrass Curry -1oz Bag

Tapping into the flavor of lemongrass and the traditions of Cambodia, we have developed... [More]

Price: $4.65
Chimichurri Dry Marinade -1/2 Cup Jar

This Argentinean blend is full of wonderful flavor, but isn't nearly as spicy a... [More]

Price: $7.45
Cuban Island Spice -1/2 Cup Jar

Cuba is comprised of diverse ethnic backgrounds including Spanish, Portuguese, French, ... [More]

Price: $7.35
Handmade and Hand Painted Italian Dinnerware and Tableware
Ruby Reds - The Ultimate Superfood and Dri...

Made with over 50 natural ingredients including fruits; vegetables; fiber; probiotics a... [More]

Price: $39.95
Green Tea Plus

Green Tea Plus is a concentrated green tea extract that provides a delicious; high-anti... [More]

Price: $29.95
Royal Greens Ultra - Green Superfood Suppl...

Substitute a Green Superfood Supplement for Those Junk Foods* [More]

Price: $34.95